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14x10x4 – 120 VAC Weatherproof Enclosure


Part #: GNS-7041-004

14x10x4 – 120 VAC Weatherproof Enclosure

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14x10x4 Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure with Dual 120V power outlets.

The 14″ x 10″ x 4″ enclosure features a removable power module with two 120VAC outlets. This power module has provisions to install two additional outlets. Cable access to the inside of the enclosure is via three rubber cable glands located on the bottom. Equipment can be mounted inside the enclosure either by using the included hook-and-loop tape or the four mounting stand-offs. The raised lid features a continuous gasket and a quick release latch with provisions for a padlock. The enclosure material is UV stabilized molded ABS. Three mounting holes are provided inside the enclosure for easy installations.

This rugged, weather-proof composite enclosure is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The compact size of this enclosure makes it ideal for locations with limited space requirements such as equipment closets or mobile applications. Also due to its size, this outdoor waterproof enclosure with 120V power can be used where aesthetics are important, such as in offices and in public areas requiring HotSpots.

This small 14x10x4 outdoor enclosure is perfect for those remote locations where only a few POE injectors, or power supplies need to be protected.  Yes, it can hold a small switch as well, however we do not recommend anything greater than a 5 port or 8 port.  Use double sided velcro to mount your POE and Power supplies in the box for a nice and neat installation.

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