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GNS-1416, 15dBi, 2.4GHz, Outdoor Yagi Antenna, 30°, N-Female, Pole Mount hardware included


Part #: GNS-1416

15dBi, 2.4GHz, Outdoor Yagi Antenna, 30°, N-Female

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MFG Part #: GNS-1416


15dBi, 2.4-2.5 GHz Outdoor Yagi WLAN Antenna with N-type Female connector for 802.11B/G/N Access Points.

Includes U-Bolt Brackets for Pole Mount. This 15dBi Yagi antenna will provide an exceptional solution for moderate to high gain requirements at 2.4GHz. This rugged, wide bandwidth 15dBi Yagi Antenna will deliver a clean radiation pattern with a high front to back ratio. This 2.4GHz Yagi Antenna has a wideband design to provide full coverage without field tuning, while the tubular radome reduces wind load and increases strength in harsh environments. This is a great solution for customers who have a Wireless Bridge to implement, and have limited Line-of-Sight space to contend with. 
The main benefit of the this unique outdoor Yagi antenna is its ability to focus its signal in one direction leading to the greater gain figures. This 2.4GHz Yagi antenna is designed for use on stationary objects such as buildings. If this antenna is not correctly aimed, it will lose its effectiveness.
This unique multi-band directional 15dBi Yagi antenna covers the entire spectrum from 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz and can be used for all Wi-Fi frequencies. This directional, ultra wideband, outdoor yagi antenna with log periodic antenna covers a very wide frequency range with high gain.  Because it covers Wi-Fi worldwide frequencies, it is very useful for CPE equipment and base station equipment needed for these frequency bands minimizing the amount of equipment needed for each service location. This 2.4GHz Yagi antenna can be used indoors or outdoors and comes complete with all components needed for pole mounting or wall mounting (up to 1.5″ diameter bracket.) The back plate is stainless steel with stainless steel fasteners. All bracket components are stainless steel as well for corrosion protection. The pigtail is 18″ outdoor rated cable terminated with an N/Female connector.

Yagi Antenna Features:

  • Wi-Fi outdoor yagi antenna
  • Consistent 15dBi gain across all 2.4GHz frequencies
  • Pole or wall mountable
  • Light gray attractive UV protected housing
  • Vertical or horizontal polarization
  • DC grounded for lightning protection (add the GNS-1640 for additional protection)


Yagi Antenna Applications:

  • Cellular, PCS or Wi-Fi repeaters
  • Indoor Cellular, PCS or Wi-Fi extenders
  • WISP equipment
  • Non-line of sight point to point
  • Non-line of sight wireless bridge
  • building to building internet sharing

GNS Wireless offers the highest gain outdoor Yagi directional cellular antennas on the market for your long range wireless network. We offer low-band cellular yagi antennas, high-band PCS yagi antennas, and dual-band yagi antennas supporting both the cellular and PCS bands. For customers located in areas with extremely low cellular signal, our Yagi antennas with an inline amplifier or repeater will provide the best possible results for increased cellular signal.  Contact GNS Wireless for more information on this outdoor yagi antenna.

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