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900MHz, 9 dBi, Yagi Antenna with N-Female Connector


Part #: GNS-1528

9dBi, 900MHz Yagi Antenna, N-Female

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This is a Yagi 900MHz Antenna designed for economical installations with accurate gain and a wide beam-width, ideally suited for directional applications in the 900MHz ISM and GSM bands.

This Yagi antenna uses an anodized aluminum feed, solid elements, low loss series 400 COAX with an N-Type Female connector, and rugged mounting hardware.  Order online today from GNS Wireless!


  • 9 dBi gain & all weather Anodized Aluminum construction
  • Vertical or horizontal polarization
  • Solid Aluminum 1/8″ elements
  • Heavy-duty 1/2″ Aluminum boom
  • 15 inch coax lead with N-Female connector


  • 900MHz ISM Band & Wireless LAN systems
  • Point to multipoint & Non Line of Sight (NLOS) applications
  • 900MHz Cellular and GSM
  • LPWAN, LoRA, IoT, M2M applications    
  • Remote Location Data Logging/Reporting
  • Railroad Switching
  • Oil Fields, Gas Pipelines, SCADA
  • LORA & LoRaWAn
  • ISM & Telemetry
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum Radio Applications
  • Weather / Meteorology Stations
  • Flood Water Monitoring
  • Utility Meter Data Transmission (water, gas)

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