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EH-2500FX-ODU-L-EXT – EtherHaul-2500FX E-Band 80GHz Low – 1Gbps upgradable to 2Gbps


Part #: EH-2500FX-ODU-L-EXT

EtherHaul-2500FX E-Band 80GHz LOW – 1Gbps upgradable to 2Gbps

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MFG Part #: EH-2500FX-ODU-L-EXT


The Siklu EtherHaul EH-2500FX is a 2Gbps Full Duplex, Carrier Grade Point to Point wireless backhaul  (END Only, 2 Radios required to form a complete link)

The EtherHaul 2500F radio provides 2Gbps full duplex point-to-point wireless Ethernet for the most demanding network applications.  These Siklu EtherHaul EH-2500FX uses the E-band spectrum which is uncongested even in rural or city environments.  As with the other Siklu radios, both the 1ft. and 2ft. optional antennas use a pencil beam for tight, interference-free communication between radios.

Channel width options up to 1250MHz are amazing!  Typical 1000Mbps speeds available using 250MHz, and speeds up to 2000Mbps available using 500/750 and 1250MHz.  This is more than 10x the available speed when comparing to a ubiquiti airfiber link.

High throughput and extremely low latency combine to provide fiber like network communication between buildings.  Why trench fiber when you can install a solution just as fast, if not faster, in a matter of hours.  Installation is fast and efficient and can even be handled with a team of 2 installers in a matter of hours.

We recommend a minimum of 2″ OD mast for installation.  Check with your local building code for antenna heights.  Free site survey can be provided to you by emailing your lat/long to support @

For more information, please contact us directly at 516-214-0321.

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EH-2500FX Datasheet Size: (646.37 KB)


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