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EZPlatform Plus, Outdoor, High Power Access Point, 2.4GHz, 1000mW, POE, N-Female


Part #: EZ312-Plus

EZPlatform Plus, Outdoor Single Radio AP, 2.4GHz, 1000mW, POE, N-Female

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Teletronics EZPlatform Plus, Outdoor Single Radio High Power Access Point, 2.4GHz, 800mW, POE, Dual N-Female

Teletronics’ EZPlatform® AP/Hotspot/Repeater is designed to support 802.11n and 1Gbps fast Ethernet for high-power access point, hotspot and repeater applications. A powerful end-to-end system for a wireless Internet network can be built by integrating the EZPlatform™Plus with Teletronics subscriber units and other radios. The simplicity of use of the Teletronics EZPlatform® Plus allows operators to quickly bring service to their customers, and with its serial port, Gigabit Ethernet Ports, the EZPlatform® Plus is available in single or dual radio configuration, support MIMO 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz Combination radio cards up to 4T4R wireless network.

Increase the range of your outdoor wireless network with this high power, outdoor, weatherproof 1000mW access point. This high power access point is specifically built for outdoor environments, where long range Wi-Fi access is required. This is a high power access point, with built in POE support, 802.11N speeds, and dual N-Female connectors, for attaching an external omni-directional antenna, or sectorized panel antenna. For more information on how to implement this 1000mW access point in your wireless network, please contact us at 877-209-5152.

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