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PTP700 Lite 4.4-5.9GHz Connectorized ODU, End (Global)


Part #: C045070B009A

PTP700 Lite 4.4-5.9GHz Connectorized ODU, End (Global)

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MFG Part #: C045070B009A


PTP700 Lite 4.4-5.9GHz Connectorized ODU (Global).  End Only.  Variable speeds up to 450Mbps

Cambium Networks PTP 700 is a Point-to-Point wireless broadband solution for mission-critical communications in the federal, government, industrial and public safety space.  Cambium Networks PTP 700 is available in two models a Connectorized and Connectorized+Integrated which allows for antenna selection at time of deployment. PTP 700 connectorized radios have dual N-Female connectors for adapting to external dish antennas, or high gain patch antennas.

Whether deploying in first-responder tactical situations, over water to oil platforms, in urban canyons to video cameras and hot-spots or along remote stretches of national borders for defense and situational awareness, the requirements for high-speed connectivity intersect with constraints on available spectrum, line of sight and non-line of sight topologies, IT/Enterprise integration, cyber-security threat prevention and harsh environmental conditions.

The dynamic nature and complexity of these missions means that spectrum managers, network operators and implementation managers need flexibility and adaptability while staying within the constraints of program budgets.  Cambium Networks PTP700 meets the needs for these throughput intensive long distance wireless network backhauls while providing a highly reliable wireless link.

PTP 700 breaks new ground in providing highly reliable broadband connectivity and flexibility to support many missions and applications.  Long range point to point microwave backhauls, border security, high resolution video surveillance, mission criticle wireless networks, high throughput sustainability.

Dynamic Spectrum OptimizationTM (DSO) is a unique capability offered by Cambium Networks that enables a system to automatically sample and change channels to avoid interference to optimize link performance without affecting link service.

One Radio – Many Missions

*  A Single Cambium Networks PTP 700 connectorized radio covers 4.4 GHz to 5.9 GHz frequency compatible with NTIA Redbook / NATO Band IV and FCC/ETSI requirements

* Single radio can be deployed with integrated panel antenna or higher gain dish antennas using N-type connectors

* Roadmap support for high-capacity multipoint architecture

* Dynamic Spectrum Optimization[tm] (DSO)

* FIPS 140-2 Validated (Fall 2015)

* Ruggedized to MIL-STD-810G

* Supports IPv6, SyncE, 1588v2

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