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ValuePoint Authentication Gateway NC3560


Part #: NC-3560

ValuePoint Authentication Gateway NC3560

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MFG Part #: NC3560


Valuepoint NC3560, Authentication Gateway for wired/wireless networks. 200 concurrent user access database support, Wireless Hotspot gateway. Captive portal control, Splash screen, DOS protection, Per-User bandwidth control, and authentication.

Handle up to 200 concurrent users

Captive portal control | Usage Graphs

User based & global Bandwidth Control

User Authentication & Session Limiting

Denial of Service Protection

Stop P2P and file sharing on your network

Support 3 additional LAN subnets

View usage & times of each guest logon

Trunked VLAN for security and subscriber ID

Subscriber activity logging & reports

Built-in Firewall | Outbound spam control

If you are offering Free Wi-Fi at your Campground Hotspot, or Marina, RV Park, then you might want to consider installing a controller that will allow authorized users to log onto your network using a custom username and password. This will prevent any un-authorized user from accessing your network, and further slowing down the connection with SPAM, or other malicious programs that can be used. The Hotspot Gateway is easy to install, and can be pre-configured to work “out of the box” and customized to meet the look and feel of your particular campground or other Wi-Fi Venue.

This NC3560 Network Controller provides high performance, authenticated, and seamless broadband connectivity to Public Access venues such as Hotels, Airports, Marinas, and Multi-tenant properties, The 3500 Controller will automatically adjust to almost any foreseeable subscriber configuration and adapt to support that subscriber automatically and transparently. Subscriber access can be authenticated via Local User Database or RADIUS Authentication. Web browsing, VPN, and Email are automatically configured and supported by the gateway as well.

Dynamic VPN provisioning automatically handles VPN clients at hotels and other public-access venues. This solves the problem VPN pass-through does not address, reducing your support calls dramatically.

Every user session can be logged and the log saved on a remove or local server or drive. This allows your network to be compliant with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The NC-3560 has become the leading choice for the hospitality market. With advanced features such as bandwidth limiting and session limiting, your network runs efficiently and support-free. For very large properties, multiple NC-3550’s can be stacked to increase the overall number of users to 400 or more, and bandwidth can be shared over multiple WAN ports.

The 3560 has a powerful IXP 425/533 MHz CPU supporting 65 Mbps of throughput, 200 concurrent users, and User based Bandwidth limiting. Create a local portal page or custom redirect at your discretion.

This gateway controller will allow you to create a “Captive Portal”, which will allow you to control which webpage is viewed when users first log onto your wireless network. The 3500 controller can handle up to 200 concurrent connections making it a fast and reliable authentication gateway. Features like bandwidth control, user statistics, and walled garden make this gateway controller a great addition to control your wireless network.

VLAN & Static Routing: This feature will enable you to use the NC-3500 at larger properties and those needing authentication and security based on VLAN ID. You can also add a 3500 to an existing VLAN or subnetted network. The gateway can handle up to 256 VLAN ID’s, as well as port based VLAN, and supports standard static routes.

Control and Security: Stop P2P and file sharing on the network. This is useful in areas such as RV Parks, and Marinas, where user security and identity is important. The NC3500 will allow you to enable session limiting, so users can not load down the network at anytime. The built in firewall and Denial of Service protection add additional security to the network. With the Valuepoint NC3560 gateway controller, you can stop and track file sharers and spammers, and remove them from the network.

Management: Web based management allows easy access to configuration. Local or remote Syslog function are included, as well as port forwarding. The access point monitor will allow you to enter the AP information which is on your network into the gateway for visual status of whether or not the AP is running, or not. You can also use two of the NC3500’s together in a stacking mode, to enable dual WAN connectivity and load balancing. With dual NC3560 gateways you can also enable auto-failover and can handle up to 400 concurrent users on the network.

You can view user activity and bandwidth usage over time in the Report Portal. Dynamic Bandwidth Management replaces the static limits, providing more efficient use of overall bandwidth. Just enter your WAN speedsand we do the rest! Another key addition to version 20 is file sharing and peer to peer traffic control. File sharing and bittorrent traffic can be assigned to a low priority pool, giving the highest priority to normal web browsing and email. Please contact us for more information.

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