Siklu EH-1200FX-KIT-1FT - EtherHaul-1200FX 1 Gigabit Full Duplex 70/80GHz Point to Point Link | Complete

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MFG Part # EH-1200FX-Kit-1
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Siklu EH-1200FX-KIT-1FT - EtherHaul-1200FX 1 Gigabit  Point to Point Link

Product Info

This Kit Includes:
• (1x) Siklu EtherHaul-1200FX E-Band Radio with 1ft Antenna ( EH-1200FX-H)
• (1x) Siklu EtherHaul-1200FX E-Band Radio with 1ft Antenna ( EH-1200FX-L)
• (2x) Mounting Brackets (EH-MK-1FT)
• (2x) PoE Power Injectors (EH-60W-AC-POE-US)

The EthernHaul-1200FX is a FDD radio that operates in the 71-76 & 81-86GHz frequency band. This full duplex radio offers 1Gbps of Ethernet capacity. This complete link is shipped with (1) TX HI Outdoor Unit, (1) TX LO Outdoor Unit, (2) 1’ Direct Connect Antennas, (2) Mounting Brackets, and (2) PoE Injects.

The Siklu EtherHaul-1200FX is an All-Outdoor E-Band radio that delivers up to 1Gbps (Full Duplex) of Ethernet capacity. Operating in a uncongested 71- 76/81-86 GHz spectrum this FDD Radio is a excellent choice for service providers and businesses looking for a high quality easy to install solution to extend their last mile networks.

The EtherHaul-1200FX offers high throughput and ultra low latency that delivers fiber-like performance at a fraction of the cost of deploying fiber. Typical applications of this full duplex radio kit include: Business Broadband Connectivity, Fiber Extension, Wireless Security Networks, LAN to LAN connectivity, and Temporary Network Deployments.

Please contact GNS Wireless for additional options such as non penetrating roof mounts, wall brackets, warranty options, and cat5 cable.  

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