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Access Points to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage

Access Points to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage

Access Points & External Antennas Improve Wi-Fi Coverage

In today’s RV Park and Campground environments you can easily have 30-50 devices connecting to a single outdoor access point with real time video, music and even VoIP inside the trailer. These outside areas require reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi to support the growing demand but unfortunately low to mid-grade residential access points with integrated antennas are failing to keep pace with the need for high speed Wi-Fi.

It is important to select an access point with technology that maximizes throughput and coverage like the GNS Wireless pre-packaged hotspot solution, GNS-1485. This package includes a high power 802.11N access point, with high gain 120 degree sectorized panel antenna. This will greatly improve signal strength to the desired area, but more importantly reduce interference. Instead of broadcasting in all directions as typical omni-directional antennas do, this antenna forces the signal into one direction. For additional coverage, use more sector antennas with attached access points.

However, some environments go beyond what an access point can deliver. External antennas provide seamless network connectivity and capacity even in the most challenging environments, and adding additional access points will increase coverage and reduce the number of guests a single access point can carry.

GNS Wireless offers a complete range of industry-leading antennas, access points, and network gateways for the highest-performing wireless network coverage and capacity for Campgrounds, RV Parks and Marinas.