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How to Setup a Tranzeo PTP Wireless Bridge

Tranzeo 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 900MHz radios and access point bridge antennas can be configured as a transparient, point to point wireless bridge (PTP). The following link will illustrate how to setup a Tranzeo antenna in point-to-point mode, linking a pair of TR5A20F radios together. The maximum distance of the Tranzeo antennas depends on your particular application, and how far apart the antennas will be. In most cases, we have very good success using a Tranzeo 5GHz bridge between any two locations, with line of sight, up to about 3 miles.

  1. Install the wireless bridge hardware: Mount the Tranzeo wireless bridge hardware in a suitable location with clear line-of-sight to the other wireless bridge location.

  2. Configure the wireless bridge hardware: Connect a computer to the Tranzeo bridge using an Ethernet cable, and configure the wireless bridge hardware with a static IP address within your network’s IP range.

  3. Configure the wireless settings: Access the wireless bridge’s web interface and configure the wireless settings for the bridge, such as the wireless channel, SSID, and encryption settings. You should configure the wireless settings on both sides of the wireless link to ensure proper communication.

  4. Align the wireless bridge antennas: Adjust the position of the wireless bridge antennas so that they are pointed directly at each other and properly aligned.

  5. Test the wireless link: Verify that the wireless link is working properly by checking the signal strength and connection status between the two wireless bridges. You can use tools such as ping or a network analyzer to test the connection.

  6. Configure network settings: Once the wireless link is established, configure the network settings on both sides of the wireless link, including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS settings.

  7. Test the network connection: Test the network connection to verify that both sides of the wireless bridge can communicate with each other and with other devices on the network.

Note that these are general steps, and the exact steps may vary depending on the specific Tranzeo wireless bridge model and the network setup. Consult the Tranzeo documentation or support resources for more detailed instructions on setting up your specific model of wireless bridge.