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Sectorized Antennas

2.4 GHz Sectorized Panel Antennas | Wide Angle Antennas

The sector panel antennas are best performing wi-fi antenna out there, in our opinion.  They work better than omni-directional antennas because you can focus the signal exactly where you need or want it.  The downside is that you do not get full, 360 degree coverage in a single antenna.  If you need full 360 coverage, 3 antennas of the 120 degree angle would be required.  However, you will have better coverage, increased signal, and less interference.  Sector antennas can be mounted higher, and then angled downward toward your coverage area using the included tilt brackets.  Multiple sector antennas can be installed on a single pole.   GNS Wireless offers 90 Degree, 120 Degree and 180 Degree sector panel antennas.  The most popular being the 120 Degree sector antenna.  

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