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5GHz 802.11AC, Outdoor Access Point or Client Wireless Bridge, 15 dBi Antenna


Part #: GNS-1681AC

5GHz 802.11AC, Outdoor Access Point/Client Radio, 15 dBi Antenna

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Whats included in this outdoor wireless bridge radio:

1x Outdoor Radio w/ Integrated 15 dBi Patch Antenna
1x Power over Ethernet Injector (24V PoE)
1x Power Supply
1x Pole Mount Hardware for 1-1.5″ OD mast   

The 802.11 AC Client Wireless Bridge Antenna can be configured to send, or receive a 5GHz, 802.11A/N/AC wireless signal.  This means it can be used to broadcast a signal to laptops/ipads, or other wireless client radios, or it can be used to receive a signal from a 5GHz wireless hotspot antenna.

It delivers the highest performance and stability available in the 5 GHz unlicensed band CPE device range for such a small form factor.  This client bridge antenna comes in at only 6″x3″ and is less than 1″ thick.  Its tiny.  Perfect for outdoor installations where the antenna will be mounted on the side of a home, or office building and you or your customer do not want to “see” the antenna.  It can be painted to blend into the decor and still operate flawlessly.

This product combines a robust IP-66 compliant enclosure with a highly advanced 802.11AC radio core containing MIMO 2×2 technology along with an integrated high-gain, 15dBi dual polarization directional antenna.   This means the antennas can be installed directly outdoors, and is weatherproof for cold or hot envirnments.  The device is powered by a reliable, advanced, and feature-rich operating system, allowing the creation of very high throughput and stable wireless networks quickly, safely, and effectively. In addition, the wireless bridge supports access point operating mode which extends application scenarios and makes the RF Ethernet Bridge Radio suited for both point to point and point to multipoint networks operating in a 5 GHz unlicensed band frequency.

Use this 802.11 AC Client Wireless Bridge Antenna for connecting multiple buildings, or creating an outdoor wireless mesh network.  A radio configured to Access Point mode, can connect to multiple remote radios configured to station, or subscriber mode.  This means less equipment, and a faster installation.  Each radio is configured using a IP address, and the GUI.

For slightly further distance, or if you are looking to minimize interference, we have a 20 dBi antenna version which allows for a more narrow antenna beamwidth.  View details here:  GNS-1691AC Wireless Bridge

For maximum throughput, distance of 1/2 mile or less, with clear line of sight is recommended.  Pre-configuration is available on this 802.11 AC Client Wireless Bridge Antenna.  Please contact GNS Wireless for more information.

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