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2.4GHz 360 Degree NLOS Wireless Hotspot Equipment (AP Not Included) – 500ft. Range


Part #: GNS-1809

2.4GHz 360 Degree NLOS Wireless Hotspot – 500ft. Range

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This Wireless Hotspot does not come with any Wireless Access Point. If you are unsure about the difference between Access Points, please contact us anytime. For the best signal strength to your customers, please connect this antenna to at least a 500mW Access Point. The stronger the transmit power on the access point, the better performance you will see from the antenna.

Use this wireless hotspot package to reach clients up to 3000ft. away, (conservatively). This antenna directs its signal to all areas of your setup, 360 degrees. If you have a few trees in the way, or are concerned about a brick wall that separates your antenna and your clients, then this antenna setup will work for you. Add your choice of wireless Routers/Access Points, and you will be setup in no time.

The strength of the connection depends on the weakest link between the two devices, meaning that if your clients have a PCMCIA laptop card, with no external antenna connected to it, they will not be able to connect to your antenna at a mile away. With this antenna, and a standard laptop card, you can count on getting about 1200 feet away before loosing the signal. Upgrade the laptop card, and laptop antenna, or please contact us for a more detailed solution.

This antenna works great for start-up WISP's, small RV-Parks, small Campgrounds, or Marinas.

If your AP is not in an ideal position in order to meet the 25 foot requirement, please take a look at our Power-over-Ethernet adapters, (POE), or choose an outdoor rated access point that has ability to provide power and data over the Ethernet cable. Contact us for more information.

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