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PTP5-N-UNITY, 5.8GHz, 220Mbps, QOS, Connectorized Dual N-Female, Point to Point Radio, PS/POE Included


Part #: PTP5-N-UNITY

5.8GHz, 220Mbps, QOS, Connectorized Dual N-Female, PTP Radio

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LigoWave unleashes its highest-end, license-free PTP device with the release of the LigoPTP UNITY series product line. Making use of ground breaking 2×2 MiMo technology, the LigoPTP 5-23/5-N UNITY delivers real aggregate throughput capability of up to 220 Mbps (110 Mbps full-duplex) combined with high packets-per-second performance (140000) and at the same time a link bonding option integrated on the device to double the capacity for up to 400+ Mbps (200 Mbps Full-duplex). Link bonding is done using a powerful CPU and uses fair queuing mechanism. The throughput is not only doubled, but it also ensures radio link redundancy at the same time and works efficiently when traffic source is coming from a single MAC address.

The new UNITY series products have an extremely powerful integrated 28 dBm (+/-2 dB) radio, which allows building solid long-distance links even with an integrated antenna. The output power on highest modulation (MCS 15) is 23 dBm (+/- 2 dB), which is hard to find elsewhere in the market today.

Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.3 af standard support makes the UNITY series product line even more flexible. Superior SURGE and ESD protection makes this product ideal for mission critical and harsh-weather condition installations. SURGE and ESD protection meets IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000- 4-5 (SURGE) standards.

The LigoPTP 5-23/5-N UNITY is also compatible with LigoWave’s online link calculator and WNMS, a centralized configuration, firmware, and statistics server offered by LigoWave for remote diagnostic and configuration.

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