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650 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Short Range, 5 GHz, 802.11AC, Gigabit POE, Plug-N-Play


Part #: GNS-1173AC

650 Mbps, Short Range Wireless Bridge, 802.11AC, 5 Ghz

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MFG Part #: 650Mbps Wireless Bridge
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650 Mbps Wireless Bridge for connecting 2 or more locations less than 1000ft.

Whats included in this wireless bridge (complete link):

2x Outdoor Access Point w/ Integrated 13dBi Antenna
2x POE Injector (Gigabit 24V PoE)
2x Power Supply

Connecting two locations, wirelessly…has never been easier.

The GNS-1173AC is a complete plug-n-play wireless bridge for fast, easy connectivity “out of the box’.  This kit can be used for emergency situations where you need a low cost, easy to install temporary wireless solution.  Or, you can use this Outdoor 650 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Bridge to connect your home and office to share internet for life! 

Please note this wireless bridge set does not include external LEDs for alignment assistance.  Upgrade to the GNS-5460 for a faster, more secure, zero interference bridge set, which includes gigabit speeds, external alignment LED’s, and operates at 60GHz for zero interference installation.

Maximum Distance

1000ft. or less.  Can you push the antennas to connect 2 locations that are further apart?  Yes, however throughput, reliability and signal will suffer.   For longer distance, higher gain, or if you have obstructions in the way, please use the 802.11AC Building to Building Wireless Bridge Kit or faster GNS-1153AC.


This Outdoor 650 Mbps Wireless Ethernet Bridge ships pre-configured, meaning it is ready to install out of the box.  Simply mount, point at one another, and power on.  Each antenna will have an IP address for web management, so you can check real time signal strength, throughtput, and speed anytime.  Please note, these antennas have NO external LED’s for alignment assistance.  If you are mounting antennas in a posistion where external LED status indicators are required, or desired, please upgrade to the faster GNS-5460 instead, which do have external LED’s.

Secure Wireless Bridge

Security features include WPA2-AES, Mac Filtering, and disabling of the broadcast SSID.  Because the antenna beamwidth is very narrow on the antennas, the signal and wireless network is not broadcasting all over.  Only between the 2 antennas.  If your Ring Camera is more than a few hundred feet away from your home, and you want to install the Stick Up Cam Wired, or Spotlight Cam Wired Ring camera, simply connect it directly to the remote antenna, and you are done.  Fast, secure, video streaming.

Is this fast enough to stream?

Yes.  You can use the GNS-1173AC wireless bridge to stream netflix, amazon prime video, share internet, and all the other popular websites you are used to.  If you have line of sight, with no obstructions, or external interference, and are less than 1000ft., you will have no problem…we guarentee it.  Use this bridge for sharing voice, connecting 4K HD cameras, 1080p IP cameras, and yes, it will pass all DHCP from the main locations head end router.  If you want to connect a 2nd router at the new remote location, yes, you can do that too.  Need help configuring it?  Call us.  (877) 209-5152.

Are the antennas weatherproof?

Yes.  These antennas can and should, be installed outdoors.  The antennas are small.  7″ x 3″ to be exact.  They can easily be placed indoors behind a window, or outdoors, on the side of your home or office, without being noticed, or in the way.  The operating temperture of -40 to 70 degree celcius means they can left outside in the harshest of conditions, cold or hot, without dropping the signal.  Your network is going to stay up!  Keep in mind that they are indeed a more residential grade solution, but still very reliable for short distance, or temporary applications.

Technical Support

As always, you can call and email our support department anytime for troubleshooing assistance.  If you have specific settings you would like to use, or have us configure prior to shipping…no problem, just let us know.  


Connecting to the Outdoor Radio

These radios require a exterior grade cat5e cable to connect to the indoor POE (power over Ethernet) adapter.  Please note, cat5e cables are not included.  If you require cat5e cables, GNS Wireless stocks a full range of indoor, outdoor, shielded and exterior grade cables for wireless network installations.  We have in stock 3ft. to 300ft. and anywhere in between cat5e Ethernet cables available.  Contact us directly for more information.

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Weight 20.0000 lbs

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650Mbps Wireless Bridge


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