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Ubiquiti UAP-AC-HD-5 Unifi Access Point (5-Pack)


Part #: UAP-AC-HD-5

Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-HD-5 UniFi AP AC    

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MFG Part #: UAP-AC-HD-5


The UniFi AC HD 5 is a 5 pack of the UAP-AC-HD access points from Ubiquiti.  This UAP-HD-AP is the first UniFi 802.11ac Wave 2 AP. Combining the performance increases from MU-MIMO technology and the use of 4×4 spatial streams, the Ubiquiti Networks Unifi AP AC Access Point delivers up to 125% greater performance than a typical Wave 1 AP.  Deploy the UniFi AC HD AP in high-density environments requiring maximum wireless performance. The Ubiquiti Networks Unifi AP AC Access Point features simultaneous, dual-band, 4×4 MU-MIMO technology and convenient 802.3at PoE+ compatibility. Available in single- and five‑packs.

The Unifi line of products requires a program called the UniFi “controller” to setup and use. The controller must be run when first setting up the system in order to “adopt” each AP. After that the controller is required to be running 24/7 only if you wish to use the guest portal function.  This means you can setup, or “preconfigure” a Unifi Access Point, then move it to a location to be installed and used.  The controller can run on a local computer (PC, MAC, Linux box) or via the cloud. 

UniFi AP Outdoor 2.4GHz (Ubiquiti UniFI AP Outdoor 2×2 MIMO Access Point 802.11bgn).
It’s 2.4GHz only, but that will be most compatible with an array of wireless devices. 2×2 MIMO means up to 300Mb/s throughput.

UniFi AP AC Outdoor (Ubiquiti Networks UniFi UAP-AC Outdoor Enterprise WiFi System).
Incorporates both 2.4 and 5GHz radios. Best of both worlds, but cost is substantially higher and the omni antennas are fixed. This “AC” model is 3×3 MIMO with throughput up to 450Mb/s. Fixed antennas.

When purchasing a UniFi AP be warned that there are two generations of the APs. The second generation have “AC” in the model name and are capable of higher speeds. The AC models have been a bit problematic so be sure to download the latest firmware for the model you purchase prior to installation.

Please be advised that it is recommended to be tech savvy before trying to configure Ubiquiti products. They don’t have push-button setup like a off the shelf router from Best Buy and there is no telephone ALL. Most configuration questions are handled through the community forums which if you don’t have some networking background the forums may be overwhelming.  People who install UniFi for a living use this site and they speak terms of technology.  Practical advice from people who speak Wi-Fi.

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