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ValuePoint 2000mW Outdoor Access Point – 2.4GHz


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Part #: GNS-AP580G

ValuePoint 2000mW Outdoor Access Point – 2.4GHz

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MFG Part #: AP580G


Outdoor, Weatherproof Access Point with 2000mW transmit power. N-Female connector for external antenna, 2.4GHz 802.11b/g, POE Support.

The SuperAP 580g provides 2 Watts of Wi-Fi transmit power, 54Mbps throughput and is compatible with any 802.11g or 802.11b client.  Its high receive sensitivity up to -103 dBm enables long point-to-point and client to AP applications.  It comes with advanced software configurations, all housed in an industrial strength NEMA enclosure. Pole mount kits are available.  Advanced features include AP, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint bridging modes, supporting WDS links, with full TCP/IP support, 802.1x, RADIUS authentication, and advanced encryption. 

Extended Network Range – Benefit of High RF Output

Better signal strength and throughput will result from using 500mW outdoor Access Point, with less then 5ft. coax cable to your antenna.  This will allow a bigger and better safety margin against interference, and will allow more flexibility in placement of your outdoor access point.  Reach more clients, with less equipment.

Repeater functionality
The 580g is able to operate as a repeater in addition to an access point, allowing it to communicate with other compatible AP/routers to form a Wireless Distribution System. This greatly extends the reach of the your wireless network. Using Omni antennas and the unit’s powerful 2000mW radio, an extended range is possible.  This becomes useful when trees, or other obstructions prevent you from covering your specified area with a single access point.  Multiple access points can be used to create a large Wi-Fi network, making it easier and more efficient for your guests to get online.  Please check with your local regulations with regards to the output power.  Transmit power is adjustable, and is up to the local installer to set correct power requirements and antenna configuration.  Contact us for more information.

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