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weBoost 200 Cellular Booster Kit 50 Ohm 4G, 4G LTE & 5G Support


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Professional Cellular Booster Package for 4G/5G Networks

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MFG Part #: weBoost 200 Professional
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weBoost 200 Cellular Booster Kit boosts the voice and cellular data networks, including 4G 4G LTE & 5G, from all major carriers.

Can cover up to 30,000 sq ft with a strong existing outside signal. A weaker outside signal will result in less coverage.

The weBoost 200 povides twice the power of the Office 100 – covering between 12,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. depending on outside cell signal conditions.  The Office 200 comes with a touch-screen LCD color display for greater control and usability and offers the ability to manually control frequency bands.

  • Our ultra-powerful solution for business buildings up to 15,000 sq. ft.  Immediately improves weak cell signal due to the construction or location of your business building.
  • Boosted cell signal dramatically reduces dropped calls while also delivering faster data speeds, messaging, streaming and business applications.
  • Automatically adjusts to signal variations caused by cell tower distance or weather changes to deliver consistently reliable signal.
  • FCC-approved and authorized by all U.S. cellular carriers.
  • Easy DIY installation with downloadable guides and step-by-step instructions in the weBoost app.  All components for installation included.

This Kit Includes:

  • weBoost 200 Amplifier

  • Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna (311233)

  • High Profile Indoor Dome (304412)

  • 75′ Black Ultra Low Loss Cable to connect Yagi to AMP

  • 100′ Black Ultra Low Loss Cable to connect AMP to Panel

  • Wilson Lightning Surge Protector with 2′ Black Ultra Low Loss Cable (859902-952302)

  • AC Power Supply


  • Boosts voice & data signals

  • Works with all cellular carriers

  • All needed components included in kit

  • Works with virtually all smartphones and mobile hotspot

  • Optional Outdoor Yagi

  • Optional Indoor Dome

  • Optional Indoor Directional

  • Optional Indoor 2-Way Splitter

  • Optional Indoor 3-Way Splitter

  • Optional Indoor 4-Way Splitter

Additional information

Weight 45.0000 lbs

In Stock

MFG Part #

weBoost 200 Professional


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