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Wireless Hotspot Equipment

Wireless Hotspot Equipment

GNS Wireless hotspot equipment packages offer qualified Wi-Fi network solutions for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Marinas, or other outdoor venues.   GNS Wireless provides design, equipment and licensing provisioning, internet service identification and optional installation and warranty options.

The objective of a Campground Wireless hotspot equipment package is to provide standard 802.11N, or 802.11AC Wi-Fi access to the business and consumer class of Wi-Fi enabled devices found in notebook computers, PDA’s, and smartphones, Ipad Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi phones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.  The primary use of wireless network hotspot equipment is to provide a free complimentary service as well as an optional paid Wi-Fi service to give your customers who visit the campground or marina options of connecting to the wireless network.

GNS Wireless will provide a outdoor coverage area to illustrate where the specified coverage area will be strongest.  Typically the wireless network will support anywhere from 25 to 250 customers using a standard internet cable/dsl connection.  Multiple internet connections should be used, or faster connections should be implemented for a higher number of customer connections, or to provide faster internet access to the guests.  GNS Wireless provides equipment that allows for roaming, which will all the customers to stay connected as they move around the park, or marina.

GNS Wireless uses wireless hotspot equipment packages that do not generally impact the appearance of publicly visible areas.  All equipment (access points, antennas, CPE’s and power supplies) should be installed in an area that provides the best access for the wireless network signal.

We provide wireless network equipment that offers the latest security methods utilizing industry standard technologies.  Our wireless hotspot equipment packages can be upgraded by way of firmware, software as new security technologies are standardized.  IP security

GNS Wireless can perform a site survey prior to any order being placed to ensure the equipment  you are purchasing will maintain a 99% uptime, and that the proposed coverage area will have less than 10% gap coverage of little to no signal strength, while maintaining average latency levels, to not exceed 50-70 ms.

We offer optional self-healing wireless network equipment in the event of device failure or connectivity problems.  Technical support is provided as well as document instruction during installation.

For outdoor wireless network hotspot solutions, we offer outdoor equipment that operates in an ambient temperature range of -40 degrees to 140 degree Fahrenheit, and have enclosures and cable connections that are weatherproof, to withstand shock and vibration and high wind speeds.

GNS Wireless offers extended warranty options and post implementation support on our wireless hotspot equipment packages.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Equipment Features:

  • Web-based configuration dashboard
  • Network status visibility and user management
  • Secure network access
  • Ability to allow unrestricted speeds or controlled access for specific users
  • Guest usage
  • Ability to block MAC addresses upon request
  • RF Interference Management
  • Full replacement of equipment if product becomes non-functional
  • Toll Free customer service and support
  • Wi-Fi technical support
  • Site survey and custom coverage map prior to ordering

All of GNS Wireless hotspot equipment, components, wire, cable, and mounting hardware are available in order to provide a seamless installation of your wireless network hotspot.  We provide documented installation instructions and procedures, and technical support is available during installation.

GNS Wireless verifies that all components are compatible, prior to system acceptance, and should be installed as specified in the installation documents.  The in event cable or wire cannot be concealed in structural areas, please contact us for information on shielded, or direct burial cat5e Ethernet cable.