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GNS-1525, 16dBi, 2.4GHz, Dual Polarized Sector Antenna, 2×2 N-Female, 120°, Pole Mount Included.


Part #: GNS-1525

16dBi, 2.4GHz, Dual Polarized Sector Antenna, 2×2 NF, 120°

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16dBi, 2.4GHz Dual Polarity, Outdoor Sector Panel Antenna, 120 Degree coverage, and dual N-type Female connector for 802.11N Access Points. Includes U-Bolt Scissor Brackets for Pole Mount and down tilt adjustments.

The added signal strength and sensibility that comes with this Outdoor 14dBi WiFi Sector Antenna will make your Wireless Installation easier and more secure.  Mount this 2.4GHz Sector Antenna on top of your building, Marina, RV-Park or Hotel, and tilt it towards the desired coverage area for a great signal, and excellent Wireless Coverage.


Mounting Hardware is included as well as basic Technical Support to get you started on your Wireless Installation.  This 2.4GHz Dual Polarized Sector Antenna works great in Point to Multipoint solutions as well.  Simply Mount the Outdoor Sector Antenna in pairs to create a 180° of Coverage; in a set of Three, to create 360° of Coverage.  You can also use the 2.4GHz Dual Polarized Sector Antenna as a stand-alone Antenna for the desired 120° of coverage. 


Advantages of using Sector Antennas vs. Omni Antenna:

  • More Clients: By using 3 sectors with 3 Access Points, you can triple the number of clients in a given area. This increases range, reduces latency, and speeds up network efficiency.

  • Better signal levels:  Sector antennas usually have more gain than Omni’s. This results in fewer retries and less packets lost.   By focusing the signal in the desired area, you increase signal strength.

  • Eliminate interference: Because a sector antenna is directional and usually has good front-to-back (F/B) ratio, it can reduce or eliminate interference from sources that are behind the sector antenna.  You also eliminate overshooting your clients, which will happen when mounting an Omni antenna too high above the client.

  • Channel Re-Use – Because the sector antenna can be down tilted, mechanically 3, 6, or 8 degrees, the signals are not thrown out to the horizon. This allows that same channel to be re-used several miles away at a different cell site, without overlapping.  You can also have 3 separate antennas configured to use 3 separate channels, 1, 6 and 11 simultaneously.

For the best results, this Outdoor 2.4GHz Sector Antenna should be used in situations where you have Line-of-Sight to the client locations.  Please contact us if you have questions about your setup, or need higher gain, outdoor Antennas.


Range estimates for RV Parks, Campgrounds, Marinas, etc., will be considerably less, as the distance will depend on receive sensitivity of Access Point, and quality of laptop.  The more obstructions in your application, the shorter the range.  To compensate for this loss, it is recommended to add additional Access Points throughout the area, (repeaters).  This will increase the signal strength to end users.

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