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4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 Omni Antenna with 6dBi Gain, 2.4GHz / 5GHz


Part #: GNS-1535-4NF

6dBi 4×4 MIMO Omni Directional Antenna with 4x N-Female

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4×4 MIMO 6dBi Omni Directional Antenna 2.4GHz / 5GHz for Wi-Fi 6

This 4×4 MIMO 6dBi Omni Directional antenna is a professional high gain dual band/dual polarity omnidirectional base station antenna designed and optimized for 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. This antenna is ideally suited for multipoint applications where long range and wide coverage is desired.   With the much shorter length of 7″ long, this 4×4 MIMO Omni antenna can be installed in a wide variaty of locations.  4x N-Female pigtail cable is included.

Dual Frequency / Dual Polarized

The GNS-1535-4NF 6dBi omni-directional antenna supports 2.4 GHz dual polarized access points and a 5 GHz dual polarized access points. The dual frequency bands are placed together in a single radome. Each frequency features separate feeds for both horizontal and vertical polarities, four N-Female connectors total.

This 6dBi omni-directional antenna allows you to connect to a dual band, dual radio access point such as a access point that has dual 2×2 MIMO radios inside, or a single 4×4 radio inside. Connect the 2.4GHz 2×2 MIMO to the dual NF connectors, and connect the 5GHz 2×2 MIMO to the other remaining NF connectors.

  • N Female Connectors
  • Outdoor Rated Omnidirectional Antenna
  • 4 x Vertical Polarization
  • 4×4 MIMO Functionality
  • 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6 GHz WiFi Bands
  • 6 dBi gain
  • Infotainment systems, Routers, WiFi hotspots, HD video transmission, Gateways, Dash cameras, Public transportation
  • WiFi 6e (802.11ax) networks
  • Connected cars or self-driving cars, Fleet management, Logistics
  • Public Safety Networks
  • IoT, Industrial IoT, Zigbee, Bluetooth, WiFi


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