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18 dBi, 5 GHz, 120° 3×3 MIMO Outdoor Sector Panel Antenna


Part #: GNS-ITL50018

18dBi, 5.8 GHz, 3×3 MIMO 120° Outdoor Sector Antenna ,N-Female

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3×3 MIMO 5GHz Sector Antenna Features:

  • 3×18 dBi Sectorial Gain
  • Three Polarizations V&H&V in One Case
  • Professional Sector Antenna with Space for Electronics
  • Shielded Radio Compartment
  • Special Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Highest Ingress Protection IP 66
  • High Quality Construction
  • Minimized Sidelobes Level
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Designed for All Weather Operation


  • 5 GHz Band Wireless LAN
  • 3x3MIMO standard
  • IIEEE 802.11a/n WLAN Systems
  • Point to Multipoint Applications

3×3 MIMO Sector Antenna with multipurpose enclosure working in 5 GHz band with three independent sector antennas with 18 dBi gain with vertical, horizontal and vertical polarization. This 5GHz sector antenna is the ideal solution for 3×3 MIMO configuration. The range includes weatherproof outdoor enclosure with panel antenna and enough compartment for RouterBoard or any other electronic equipment. Enclosure is furnished with special RJ-45 waterproof ethernet connector with an easy connection to Internet Network and PoE. This 3×3 sectorial WiFi antenna is perfectly designed for operation under severe weather conditions. Proper materials allow operation in the salty water environment without corrosion. Professional mounting system with 0-15 degrees scale guarantees easy and smooth tilt down as well as rock-stable operation. This sectorial WiFi antenna is well suited to point to multipoint applications for highly professional solutions. Inside the enclosure are suitable posts for Mikrotik RouterBOARS 411 and 433 series.

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Weight 20.0000 lbs

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