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2.4 GHz AP/Subscriber Antenna, NanoStation 2×2 MIMO AP, US


Part #: NSM2-US

Ubiquiti NSM2-US, 2.4GHz NanoStation 2×2 MIMO AP, US

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MFG Part #: NanoStation-M2-US


Outdoor Access Point, 2.4GHz High Power Wireless Antenna with both Subscriber and AP Mode.

The original NanoStation set the bar for the world’s first low-cost and efficiently designed outdoor broadband CPE. The new NanoStation M, 802.11N wireless access point has a redesigned sleek and elegant form-factor.  The Ubiquiti NSM2-US NanoStation Access Point is small in size, at only about 8″x3″x1″, and has a sleek, smooth, white design that can easily be painted to fit in with your outdoor decor.

The NSM2 has an estimated 150+ Mpbs real outdoor throughput and can be configured as a wireless access point, or client bridge.  Featuring 2×2 MIMO technology, the new NanoStation links significantly faster and farther than ever before. New antenna array designs featuring 16dBi dual-polarity gain at 5GHz and 11dBi dual-polarity 11dBi at 2.4GHz. Both with optimized cross-polarity isolation and in a compact form-factor. Secondary ethernet port with software enabled POE output for seamless IP Video integration. Remote hardware reset circuitry of NanoStation M allows for device to be reset remotely from power supply location. In addition, any NanoStation can easily become 802.3af 48V compliant through use of Instant 802.3af adapter.

For outdoor wireless coverage, the NSM2 can be easily mounted outdoors, and connected to your network via Ethernet cable, being powered via the POE injector (included).  Mutliple NSM2’s can be installed for maximum coverage.  We use this wireless access point for installations where customer require extended range Wi-Fi coverage in backyards, offices, warehouses, and other outdoor WiFi areas.  For installations such as Marinas, and Wi-Fi Campground setups, multiple NSM2 wireless access points are installed and bridged together using a 802.11N wireless bridge.  This links the entire network together seamlessly, and efficiently. 

For more information on how to integrate the Ubiquiti NSM2-US NanoStation Access Point into your wireless network, please contact us.

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