1. What is Power Over Ethernet (POE)? | GNS Wireless

    How does Power over Ethernet work?

    Power over Ethernet is a technology that lets network cables (cat5) carry electrical power, as well as data.

    • A typical cat5e cable for example, has 8 wires inside that flexible outter cable that you are pulling. 4 wires are used for data, leaving the other 4 wires for power.

    • When you install a access point outdoors, like the RocketM2, it requires a power and data connection. 

    • Because the RocketM2 is POE-enabled, only the network connection needs to be made, as this access point will receive its electrical power from this cable as well.

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  2. 5 Steps to setting up Wi-Fi at your Campground

    Today's camper, RV'er and even the lucky ones sitting on their boat at a favorite marina want Wi-Fi.  They want fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi.  The days of having to walk over to the main office to check email and download a movie are long gone.  Wi-Fi at campgrounds has to have the power to penetrate trees, penetrate the RV's themselves, and not be susceptible to other Wi-Fi devices causing interference and slowdowns.  It just needs to work.

    According to a recent KOA article, FREE Wi-Fi is among the top three things desired most when choosing a campground.  Only clean bathrooms, and having a kid friendly park are more important.


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  3. The Impending Continued Growth of WiFi Technology

    There is a growing notion in the world that those who had a hand in the creation of our government would have laughed at, had they understood what it meant.  That is that access to the internet is a basic human right.  President Obama addressed this issue as early as 2015, when he stated that access to high speed internet is a necessity and not a luxury.  The United Nations addressed it for the first time in 2011, and then in 2016, passed a nonbinding resolution condemning countries that intentionally take away citizen’s access to the internet.  

    The point here is that with the growing rights to access, and growing reliance on internet for social and employment needs, there is booming opportunity for growth in the WiFi industry.  The year 2017 has certainly seen tremendous grow

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  4. The Security Concerns of WiFi

    The internet has become so ingrained in our daily lives, for employment and personal purposes. It is such an important part of our culture that no matter what you go - a coffee shop, the subway, a sports stadium, a bar - there is a very significant chance of access to wifi.  Simply put, WiFi is a means for communication on a network using radio frequency.  The data is passed using antennas and routers.  So, unlike hard-wired networks, anyone within a certain distance can access your wifi, potentially leading to security concerns.

    There are several methods in which your wifi could be attacked.  One popular method is referred to as “war driving.” This is a method by which individuals drive around neighborhoods and areas to enumerate what wireless networks exist, what type of encryption (if any) is used, pas

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  5. WiFi Access Off the Grid: How to Live Remotely without Giving Up Access

    Did you ever want to give up big city life, pack up on the belongings you need, and move to the woods, or some other remote locations where peace and quiet reigns? I think everyone has had that thought, even if only for a fleeting second. However, in a busy world so entranced by technology and the internet, making that dream a reality is not possible, right? Wrong. Going off the grid, whether for good or simply for a weekend getaway, does not mean you need to entirely cut ties with society.  

    Or, are you a campground owner looking to attract big city residents with the outdoor, rural appeal while providing them access to luxuries involved in daily life? Many New Yorkers have jobs that require them to have internet access

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  6. Troubleshooting WiFi: Is Your Router At the End of Its Life?

    It is sometimes hard to business owners to realize that their technology components have a lifespan. Sometimes these tools will wear out before they become obsolete. Given the variables, it is not possible to determine when and if a piece of equipment will fail, but for some components, there are warning signs that failure is imminent.

    A leading cause of wireless router failure, for example, is that a business cut corners by purchasing a consumer-grade router, rather than commercial-grade equipment. Specifically, heat stress can destroy WiFi components. Consumer-grade hardware runs too hot and in a commercial setting, its ventilation requirements relative to air circulation will not be met. Even some commercial-grade components will experience premature failure if operated in full sun, in a dusty environment, or in a setting where there is continuous vibration.

    How to Avoid Router Failure

    Troubleshooting WiFi components, for example, is relati

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  7. Can a Wireless Router Be Overloaded? How to Test

    You’ve seen those commercials on TV where everyone in the family wants to use the Internet signal at the same time? Dad is finishing up some office work, mom is checking her emails, their daughter is texting her boyfriend, and their son is playing video games. Or, more likely, everyone is trying to use the internet at the same time, with mixed results. This is often the issue for businesses as well, especially those in office complexes. Their lease may provide WiFi service, however at peak usage periods, with every business in the building accessing the internet at the same time, how effective can it be?

    The two major components of any wireless system are its router and modem. These work together to disperse the network’s internet signal to every user. If more users than the system can accommodate attempt to access it at the same time, the wireless router can become overloaded. Here are some simp

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  8. What is the Best Wireless Bridge Network for You?

    Congratulations! Your business is on the grow! Perhaps it is time to consider how your additional staff requirements will place new demands on your wireless network’s performance.The question is, how can a business that is experiencing a growth spurt anticipate and meet their enterprise’s current and future network requirements? Also, what is the best, most efficient, and also the most economical way to resolve this issue?

    In the past, wired networks expanded by simply stringing together additional lengths of cable to hook up additional desktops, Internet TVs in conference rooms, media players, and other business tools. Today, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used during business meetings and by staffers on the go. The best way to resolve this network expansion issue for a wired network is by first upgrading to a wirel

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  9. How to increase the range of your Wireless Network

    One of the most common questions we are asked is: "How do I extend the range of my wireless network?.  Although there are many different ways to get better range from your Wi-Fi router or access point, GNS Wireless will detail below some of the most effecient ways to get better Wi-Fi signal.

    Upgrade to a higher gain antenna:  Although this seems like the most common way to get better wireless network range, you want to make sure you use the correct antenna.  By using a higher gain antenna you can extend your wireless signal range, but it depends on what type of transmit power your router/access point has, where you are installing the antenna, and long of a coaxial cable you need to install it correctly. Some things to consider when using a higher gain antenna include potential loss of vertical signal coverage. Typically when you increase the gain on an antenna the RF gain pattern becomes more focused and produces a n

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  10. How to Select the Best Wireless Reseller

    What many business owners do not realize is that most quality WiFi equipment manufacturers do not sell directly to the public. One of the many reasons for this is that consumers are not likely to know how or what their business requires to order a system that is right for their needs today and into the future. Leading manufacturers such as ACTi, Axis, Cisco, Laird, Nomadix, Samsung, Ubiquiti, among many others have put their trust, and their products in the hands of the network professionals at GNS Wireless.

    As a wireless reseller, GNS has partnered with the leading manufacturers in our industry, have passed their rigorous certification programs, and have earned the right to resell their WiFi equipment. These manufacturers know that GNS Wireless is recognized to not only recommend the right network components, but to provide the high level of customer service and support, that inspires confidence and develops consumer trust.

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