Wireless Network Equipment

If you are tired of paying high fees for a wireless network that is outdated? 

Is it slow, expensive, un-responsive, not user friendly, has a poor coverage area, slow speed, or are just looking for something new that you can control….then contact GNS Wireless today.  We carry a wide range of wi-fi products that will meet or exceed the needs of your campground wireless network. 

  1. We first will take a look at your park map, or satellite overview of the park. 
  2. A technician will discuss with you how many sites, users and/or devices are estimated to be on the wireless network at the busiest time. 
  3. From there, we discuss where you have power, what you budget is and what you are looking for in the wireless network.  Most customers are looking for full coverage, good speed, cost effective and easy to use wireless devices that they can manage themselves, or let us manage it for them.  GNS Wireless provides free consulting, free coverage estimates, and include technical support.

Our staff is available anytime from 8-5PM EST for sales, support or service calls.  Our staff is US based, and if you do have to leave a message, or send an email asking for a call back…we will get back to you same day…guaranteed.

Save Money:

Stop paying a fortune for a wireless network you don’t control.  Gain control over your wireless network with the help of GNS Wireless, and own your own wireless equipment.

Upgrade or replace the Checkbox system, or Tengo equipment currently installed at your park, and you will see the difference when guests in the park stop asking about the wireless network, and start using it instead.

GNS Wireless carries a full line of products from top manufacturers like:

If you are unhappy with your Wi-Fi network, or are looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest 802.11AC outdoor access points, then call us today.  You can check out some of the more recently added product packages for small to medium sized parks, like the GNS-1585-AC, or the GNS-1485-AC.  All of the packages we stock, ship same day, and are fully customizable to meet your needs.

Say goodbye to monthly fees that Tengo Internet imposes on your business, and start controlling your wireless network today.  Contact us directly at (516) 214-0321 or send an email anytime to support@gnswireless.com.

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