Cat5 cables, although widely used and reliable, have a practical 100 meter limit on the distance they can transmit data effectively.

This limitation can pose challenges in scenarios where devices need to be connected over extended distances, such as security camera installations, outdoor Wi-Fi setups, or industrial applications.

GNS Wireless PoE Extenders: Extending Beyond Boundaries

Extend the Range of your POE

GNS Wireless is now stocking outdoor POE Extenders for both 10/100 and Gigabit applications, addressing the constraints of Cat5 cables with its innovative PoE extenders. Let’s explore how these devices empower users to extend the range of PoE-capable devices effortlessly:

  1. Increased Distance Capability: GNS Wireless PoE extenders break through the traditional distance limitations of Cat5 cables. By seamlessly extending the reach of your network, these devices ensure that PoE-capable devices can be deployed in areas that were previously unreachable, providing flexibility in network design.

  2. PoE Power and Data Transmission: The PoE technology integrated into GNS Wireless extenders enables both data and electrical power to be transmitted over a single Cat5 cable. This eliminates the need for additional power sources at the device location, simplifying installations and reducing costs.

  3. Plug-and-Play Simplicity: GNS Wireless PoE extenders are designed with user-friendly installation in mind. The plug-and-play functionality ensures that extending the range of PoE devices is a straightforward process, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise.

  4. Compatibility Across Devices: Whether you are extending the range for security cameras, access points, or other PoE-powered devices, GNS Wireless PoE extenders offer versatile solutions that cater to a wide range of applications.

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