Connecting an entrance gate to your home network using a point-to-point (PtP) bridge involves several steps.

Please note that the exact details might vary based on the specific hardware you have, distance to gate, and most importantly how your line of sight looks.  But in general, here’s a pretty good guide:

Equipment Needed:

  1. Wireless Bridges:

    • You’ll need two wireless bridges capable of establishing a point-to-point connection. GNS Wireless has in stock plenty of options, see here.
  2. Access Point/Router:

    • A wireless access point or router in your home network to connect to one end of the bridge.
  3. Ethernet Cables:

    • Ethernet cables to connect the bridges and other devices.
    • Power at both locations.


  1. Positioning:

    • Install one wireless bridge at your home near the router/access point, and the other at the entrance gate. Ensure there’s a clear line of sight between the two points to minimize interference.
  2. Configure Wireless Bridges:

    • Access the configuration interface of each wireless bridge. Typically, this is done through a web browser using the device’s IP address.
    • Set a unique IP address for each bridge within your home network’s range.
    • Let GNS ship you a plug-n-play, ready to install point to point bridge.
  3. Wireless Settings:

    • Configure the wireless settings on each bridge. Set the same SSID, security mode, and passphrase on both bridges to establish a secure connection.
  4. Channel Configuration:

    • Choose a channel for your wireless bridge that doesn’t interfere with other wireless networks in the area. It’s essential to avoid interference for optimal performance.
  5. Security:

    • Enable encryption (WPA2/WPA3) on the wireless bridge to secure the connection between your home network and the entrance gate.
  6. IP Settings:

    • Ensure that the IP settings on both ends (static or DHCP) are appropriate for your network.
  7. Connect to Home Network:

    • On the bridge near your home, connect an Ethernet cable from the bridge to an available LAN port on your router or access point.
  8. Connect to Devices at the Entrance Gate:

    • At the entrance gate, connect an Ethernet cable from the bridge to the device you want to integrate into your home network (e.g., a camera, access control system).
  9. Power On and Test:

    • Power on both wireless bridges and the connected devices.
    • Test the connection by verifying that the device at the entrance gate can communicate with the devices on your home network.


  • If the connection is unstable, check for interference or obstacles between the bridges.
  • Verify the wireless signal strength and adjust the placement of the bridges if necessary.
  • Double-check all configurations for consistency.

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