You’ve selected the right Point to Point Wireless Network Bridge kit for your application, but would appreciate a little guidance on getting the install right the first time? Good news: all GNS Wireless Network Bridge kits are pre-configured for out-of-the-box installation and operation. Most of the 802.11N radios have External Signal LEDs to assist with alignment and troubleshooting procedures. Also, the maximum cat5e cable (shielded cat5e cable is recommended) to be used on each end is 290 feet long, ample for most applications. Truth is, we’ve thought of everything needed for a trouble-free install.

To connect the wireless bridge antenna to your network at each location, use a single Cat5 Ethernet cable. The Cat5 Ethernet cable connects directly from the outdoor access point using a weatherproof grommet, to an indoor POE (Power-over-Ethernet) injector. The POE injector plugs into a standard AC outlet for power, and another Cat5 Ethernet cable connects from the POE injector to your network (Router/PC/Switch, etc.). In order to run multiple computers or phones at the remote location, just connect a switch to the antenna. You then have the option of connecting an 802.11AC wireless router for WiFi access. Please refer to our setup diagram for more information about point-to-point wireless network bridges.

802.11N Point to Point Wireless Bridge Range & Interference

With a clear, unobstructed line of sight between your two locations, a maximum range of 5 miles can be achieved using some of our more popular 802.11N point-to-point wireless network bridge packages. Using a 5.8Ghz frequency will be optimal for most applications. This way, the directional antennas will reduce interference, and the bridge antennas will be set to automatically select the best channel. Adjustable transmit power and channel width allow for additional link quality adjustments. Most antennas have a 24-29dBm maximum output power. This is ideal for long-distance, point-to-point applications, as well as for client applications. Alternately, the power can be scaled back for closer installations to avoid noise issues, and to comply with local regulations. For non-line-of-sight applications, we stock a selection of 900 MHz Wireless Network Bridge kit packages.

If you have any questions about 802.11N Point to Point Wireless Bridge Kits or any GNS Wireless products, please contact us by calling (877) 209-5152. Or, if you’d prefer, send an email to

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