One of the most common questions we are asked is: “How do I extend the range of my wireless network?.  Although there are many different ways to get better range from your Wi-Fi router or access point, GNS Wireless will detail below some of the most effecient ways to get better Wi-Fi signal.

Upgrade to a higher gain antenna:  Although this seems like the most common way to get better wireless network range, you want to make sure you use the correct antenna.  By using a higher gain antenna you can extend your wireless signal range, but it depends on what type of transmit power your router/access point has, where you are installing the antenna, and long of a coaxial cable you need to install it correctly. Some things to consider when using a higher gain antenna include potential loss of vertical signal coverage. Typically when you increase the gain on an antenna the RF gain pattern becomes more focused and produces a narrower horizontal beam.   Installing a high gain omni-directional antenna on a hill, and you will certainly have a dead spot underneath.  For campgrounds, marinas, and RV parks, one of the most popular hotspot packages we sell, is the GNS-1485.  This includes a sectorized panel antenna which helps broadcast a strong signal within a 120-180 degree area, and penetrates trees and RV’s with ease.  You can point the antenan exactly where you need the signal and with minimal effort your wireless network will gain new life.  Read more about our pre-packaged hotspot setups here.

Install a WiFi amplifier: By adding a Wi-Fi amplifier to your wireless router, or access point you can boost your wireless signal and increase wireless network range. GNS Wireless sells pre-packaged WiFi booster kits that are available for purchase by anyone in the United States or Canada without the need for a special FCC license.   These kits are license free, and operate in the 2.4GHz, or 5GHz range.  They typically include everything you need to extend the range of your network.  The most popular scenerios are campground WiFi, Marina Wireless Networks, and RV Park Hotspot setups.  These kits offer easy set up and strong signal extension and coverage capabilities.   GNS Wireless offers technical support, pre-configuration services, and custom programming to all your equipment.  Additionally we sell individual RF amplifiers for export, military and FCC licensed users supporting frequencies ranging from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz.

Upgrade to 802.11N or 802.11AC:  To put it simply, if you are still using the older 802.11B (11Mbps), or 802.11G (54Mbps), it is time to upgrade.  The newer 802.11N, and 802.11AC offer both increased range, and reliability for your ongoing wireless network.  If you are currently using older 802.11 standard access points and wireless adapters, consider upgrading to the latest IEEE standards, 802.11n or 802.11ac. These newer standards offer better range and speed than older standards products.

Use a higher power Access Point:  A typical residential Wi-Fi router or Access Point provides about 30mW to 100mW of transmit power.  When upgrading to a higher power access point or router you can boost your wireless signal resulting in extended coverage.  GNS Wireless offers outdoor access points with up to 1000mW of transmit power.  When combined with the correct panel or omni-directional antenna, your wireless network becomes more stable, and can penetrate near by obstructions such as trees in a campground or RV Park.

GNS Wireless can assist in product selection, support and installation as well as any questions you may have regarding increasing the range of your wireless network.  For questions, or for a free consultation, please contact us at (877) 209-5152, or send an email to

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