What many business owners do not realize is that most quality WiFi equipment manufacturers do not sell directly to the public. One of the many reasons for this is that consumers are not likely to know how or what their business requires to order a system that is right for their needs today and in the future. Leading manufacturers such as ACTi, Axis, Cisco, Laird, Nomadix, Samsung, Ubiquiti, among many others have put their trust and their products in the hands of the network professionals at GNS Wireless.

As a wireless reseller, GNS has partnered with the leading manufacturers in our industry, has passed their rigorous certification programs, and has earned the right to resell their WiFi equipment. These manufacturers know that GNS Wireless is recognized to not only recommend the right network components but to provide a high level of customer service and support, that inspires confidence and develops consumer trust.

Recognition Brings Benefits

Certifications alone do not indicate expertise. That comes from knowing how best to serve businesses of every size and in every industry. GNS is certified in a range of fields such as Wireless LANs, Systems Security, and Architecture. These are some of the ways that GNS Wireless has distinguished itself in our industry. We demonstrate our expertise by providing superior options for every business facing specific network challenges.

At GNS Wireless, our professionals continue to upgrade our skills to present our clients with the best possible options for their business. We keep up-to-date on our vendor partners’ latest products, strategies, and technical support materials. This way we’ll always be able to assist businesses to build, migrate, or upgrade their networks with the most current, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective WiFi equipment solutions possible. For more information, please contact us at (877) 209-5152.

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