The LPU and Grounding Kit from Cambium Networks can be used on all, and any PTP550, PTP650, and PTP670 wireless backhaul radios.  1 Kit is recommended per ODU. 

Part# C000065L007B

The PTP-LPU is a high-speed, high-current, solid-state device that is encased in a rugged metal case designed to hold up against ice, snow, and rain and to withstand winds up to 150 mph (242 kph). The projected operational life of a PTP-LPU is 10 years, even when continually exposed to the elements. Because of its small form factor and a minimum number of components, the unit is easy to transport and install. Plus, the cost-effective PTP-LPU is affordably priced.

For the best possible protection, each PTP 650 radio requires two Lightning Protection Units (PTP-LPUs), one installed adjacent to the radio on the wall, tower, or mast, and one installed at the cable entry point of the building in which the network resides. The unit near the base of the wall or tower protects the LAN network inside the building. Because the units can be installed with new deployments or easily added to existing PTP 650 radios, you can reap the benefits of the PTP-LPU’s lightning protection capabilities for an existing or planned PTP 650 network.

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