When business owners can no longer ignore intermittent slow internet speeds, have run a speed test, and have confirmed it is not an issue with their internet provider, then your hardware is the next place to look. If the problem exists at most workstations, it is not likely that one computer is causing the problem at that particular workstation. Check your router next, First, perform the classic test, to unplug your router, wait ten seconds, and then plug it back in. If your router is more than four years old, it is time to upgrade it. New routers now have expanded functionality, which will make future speed issues easier to troubleshoot and to remediate.

Next, consider it may be time to fix your signal to improve your WiFi speeds. Weak signals can be caused by building materials, changes in the office layout, even breakroom appliances, cordless phones, Bluetooth, and more. Think about the recent changes to your office landscape, your building, and the surrounding environment. Another workstation bandwidth hog can be plugins and apps. These programs are so tempting to download, yet are bandwidth-robbing connection hogs. There are extensions that can resolve some of these issues and speed load times, etc.

Ways to Maximize WiFi Speeds

Check your server. As with your router, an older DNS server may not be able to handle current usage requirements. If so, consider an upgrade. Today most businesses do not have unlimited budgets for immediate upgrades. While these prove highly cost-effective, it may not be possible to implement them immediately. In the interim, prioritize tasks and relegate low priority tasks to times when usage requirements are lighter.

The upgrades that will increase your WiFi speeds may not prove as expensive as you think. Consult with GNS Wireless. Our professionals have extensive experience assisting business owners to make the upgrades necessary to improve their networks and increase their profitability. Schedule your appointment with us at (877) 209-5152.