Statistics indicate that less than 20% of computer users are desktop bound, the greater percentage of internet users are mobile. This dictates a need for accessibility as users move around inside a building, between job sites, on the road, even on campus. Mobile workers use portable technology such as laptops, PDAs, and Smartphones, and gain access through apps and related networks to support their mobility. Wireless LANs, more commonly known as WiFi, has evolved to meet this need. Realizing that wired technology will no longer suffice, many businesses have transitioned to wireless networks. If your business has been slow to adapt, GNS Wireless presents some information to assist in your decision-making process.  

WLAN Solution Provides Cost-Effective Network Transition, Operations, and Management

First, factor initial component costs, their installation, and ongoing support. The initial costs for the network will be based on the size and location of an office, and the number of employees, each requiring voice and data to their computer. Again, statistics indicate a yield of up to 90% savings on capital and support costs when installing WiFi over upgrading a wired network. Future expenses experienced with wired networks, such as moves, additional computers and other miscellaneous changes are virtually non-existent with a WLAN. This is because wireless networks are designed to seamlessly support users, who are anticipated to be constantly on the move.  

Wireless Networks are More Secure

While not initially the case, WLANs now have bolstered authentication and encryption which allows the network to identify users and their devices, and to apply security policies based on authentication. These policies can include the time and the location from which connection seeks to be established, among other factors. For solid advice as to the best wireless network system for any business, contact the professionals at GNS Wireless. Our staff will listen to your business requirements and recommend the best WiFi network solution to suits your business and your budget. Speak with us at (877) 209-5152, or submit your request via our contact form.

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