Some businesses have been slow to migrate their networks to WiFi voicing concern over its security, and the safety of their data. In fact, WiFi networks are sensitive to infiltration and offer more safeguards than some hardwired networks. While it is probably not possible to make any wireless network impossible to penetrate, GNS Wireless knows that wireless security is paramount in the minds of most business owners. Later in this article, we’ll offer tips that will make any wireless network less prone to hackers.

Nobody wants to be the victim of a WiFi security hack. Not many are aware of what this action entails. The heart of any wireless network is the router. This apparatus is the prime target to hackers who variously want to infiltrate your network, or just freeload off your WiFi connection. Here are some tips to make your wireless router and therefore, your network hard to hack:

Simple WiFi Security Tips

  1. Enable WiFi Protected Access (WPA2) wireless encryption: older routers may require an upgrade, but this is your network’s first line of defense and should not be overlooked.
  2. Create a strong password for your SSID Network: a lengthy and random SSID name coupled with a strong password will deter some hackers who can easily bypass routers with a default setting.
  3. Keep your wireless router’s firewall turned on at all times: would you leave your doors unlocked at night? A router firewall can make it less visible to hackers.
  4. Use an encrypted personal VPN service at the router level: considered your network’s best line of defense, it creates a proxy IP address coupled with strong encryption to protect your network traffic against hacks.
  5. Disable the router’s Admin via Wireless feature: this makes it virtually impossible for someone who is not physically connected to the router to infiltrate it.

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