In the fast-evolving landscape of wireless networking technology, businesses often face the need to upgrade their infrastructure to meet growing demands.

Marine WiFi Equipment

This article outlines the reasons behind a recent deployment where we replaced an under performing Wavlink infrastructure at a local Marina with a more robust solution.

1. Performance Limitations:

Consumer-grade access points, like the Wavlink model they were using, are often designed for typical home or small office use. As our customers business expanded and more guests were logging onto, and using the Wi-Fi, they encountered performance limitations that affected the network’s speed and reliability.  Commercial environments require more robust solutions to handle increased traffic and diverse connectivity needs.

2. Scalability Challenges:

Wavlink access points may not be as scalable as their commercial counterparts. Businesses often require networking equipment that can seamlessly scale with the growth of their operations. The limitations they experienced in terms of user capacity and network expansion prompted us to seek a more scalable solution.  The solution was to implement a 60GHz mesh backhaul with upgraded Wi-Fi 6 Access Points from Cambium, GNS-XV2-23T.

3. Environmental Suitability:

Their specific Wavlink access point was not designed for outdoor use, and we needed a solution that could withstand the environmental conditions of our outdoor deployment. Commercial-grade access points designed for outdoor use offer the necessary durability, weather resistance, and temperature tolerance.

4. Security Concerns:

As their Marina grows in popularity and guest usage continues to increase, so did the security needs. Commercial-grade access points often come with advanced security features that provide better protection against unauthorized access and cyber threats. This was a crucial consideration in our decision to upgrade their networking equipment.

5. Advanced Features and Management:

Commercial-grade access points typically offer advanced features and centralized management capabilities. These features are essential for maintaining a secure and efficiently managed network. Our decision to replace the Wavlink access point was driven by the need for a more feature-rich and easily manageable solution.  Now cloud based management allows for multiple administrators to view and manage guest usage, with bandwidth limiting enabled.


Upgrading the networking infrastructure from the Wavlink access point to a commercial-grade solution was a strategic move to ensure the reliability, scalability, and security of our network. As businesses continue to evolve, investing in robust networking equipment becomes paramount for seamless operations and future growth.

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