How easy is it to setup and install a point to point antenna system from GNS?

Wireless Bridge Wire Diagram

Example Setup:

  1. Equipment Check:

    • Ensure you have two compatible wireless bridge antennas from
    • Verify that you have the necessary mounting hardware, cables, and power adapters.
  2. Site Survey:

    • Conduct a site survey to identify the best locations for mounting the antennas. Ensure there is a clear line of sight between the two points.  If line of sight is not present, or you are unsure, email us the lat/long of each location, and we can conduct a quick path analysis.  Furthermore, if you have a distance of less than 1/2 mile, and trees are blocking the path, choose a 900 MHz link for NLOS.
  3. Mounting:

    • Install the first antenna at the first location and the second antenna at the second location.
    • Securely mount the antennas, ensuring stability and proper alignment.
    • Use the GNS-1433 for ease of installation.
  4. Cabling:

    • Connect the antennas to the provided power source using the supplied cables.
    • Ensure all connections are secure and weatherproof.
    • Use the included POE injector, or POE switch for power (be sure to check your voltage)
  5. Configuration:

    • Access the web-based configuration interface of each antenna using a computer connected to the same network.
    • Configure the antennas with the appropriate settings, including wireless channel, security settings, and IP addresses.  GNS ships all pre-packaged kits ready to install.  The IP address will be provided, along with login information.
  6. Alignment:

    • Fine-tune the alignment of the antennas for optimal signal strength. This may involve adjusting the azimuth and elevation angles.  Use the external LEDs, if provided, or for more accurate alignment, you can log into the web GUI for real time reading of signal, noise and capacity.  Call us directly for support.
  7. Testing:

    • Conduct a series of tests to ensure a stable and reliable connection between the two points.
    • Check signal strength, throughput, and latency.  Keep a ping test going in the background to ensure connectivity while alignment process takes place.
  8. Security:

    • Implement security measures, such as encryption and password protection, to secure the wireless link.  This is all done prior to shipment from GNS Wireless.
  9. Documentation:

    • Keep a record of the configuration settings and installation details for future reference.

Always refer to the user manuals and documentation provided by for specific instructions related to their products.   As always, contact us for any, and all information needed.

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