The Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge is a line of wireless bridge devices designed for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless connectivity.

  1. Building-to-Building Connectivity: The Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge establishes high-speed wireless links between buildings within a campus, eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming trenching for wired connections. 

  2. Remote Monitoring and Surveillance: It enables the connection of IP cameras and other surveillance equipment in remote locations, facilitating real-time monitoring and enhanced security.

  3. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Backhaul: ISPs use the Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge to extend their network infrastructure by creating backhaul links to connect remote cell towers, internet access points, or underserved areas.

  4. Temporary Connectivity: The Quickbridge provides temporary network connectivity for events, construction sites, or emergency response situations where wired connections are not feasible.

  5. Industrial Automation: In industrial settings, it establishes reliable and high-speed wireless connections for monitoring and controlling machinery and sensors.

  6. Education: Educational institutions use the Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge to connect separate campus buildings for high-speed data and internet access.

  7. Rural Broadband: The Quickbridge delivers high-speed internet access to rural and underserved areas, providing a cost-effective solution where laying physical cables may not be practical.

  8. Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs): These devices are commonly used by WISPs to build their last-mile networks and extend internet coverage to customers in rural or remote areas.

  9. Enterprise Connectivity: The Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge extends network connectivity for large enterprises with multiple sites or locations that require high-speed data transfer.

  10. Video Streaming: In media and broadcasting, it establishes reliable and high-speed links for live video streaming and content distribution.

  11. Oil and Gas Industry: In the oil and gas sector, the Quickbridge provides connectivity for remote drilling and extraction sites, facilitating data transfer and monitoring.

  12. Public Safety and Emergency Services: These devices are deployed for emergency communication and coordination during disaster response and public safety operations.

The Tsunami QB 10150 Link Lite, 400 Mbps Point to Point is in stock.  Details here: QB-10150-LNK-LITE

The Proxim Tsunami Quickbridge’s specific model and configuration can vary, so the suitability for each application will depend on the device’s specifications and capabilities. It’s essential to consult with Proxim or a wireless networking expert to determine the best solution for your specific needs.


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