Did you ever want to give up big city life, pack up on the belongings you need, and move to the woods, or some other remote locations where peace and quiet reigns? I think everyone has had that thought, even if only for a fleeting second. However, in a busy world so entranced by technology and the internet, making that dream a reality is not possible, right? Wrong. Going off the grid, whether for good or simply for a weekend getaway, does not mean you need to entirely cut ties with society.  

Or, are you a campground owner looking to attract big city residents with the outdoor, rural appeal while providing them access to luxuries involved in daily life? Many New Yorkers have jobs that require them to have internet access all day, every day.  This is why campground wifi is a necessity!  Thanks to technological advances, you can have your remote existence, while completely staying in touch with big city life, which is especially important for those of us who need entire for our employment.  There are several options for accessing wifi from remote places.

For individuals going off of the grid, there are several options.  If you remote location has access to a cellphone tower, and you have a capable cell phone, you can use the phone to surf the web.  Although one of the slowest connections for off-grid internet access, it is definitely beneficial for those on a budget, or those that do not need the internet for employment and/or time sensitive reasons.  If you do not require a lot of bandwidth, this portable option may be right for you. There is also the option of hotspots or satellites, which although more expensive are certainly more reliable.

If you need something quicker, because you rely on it for your business, or perhaps need it for your rural business, a hotspot may be a more practical option. An agricultural wifi hotspot can be designed to reach any area of your land needed to conduct your business and personal affairs. With a professional farm wifi installation company, you will be provided with a strong, reliable connection that will allow you and your employees the ability to use the internet from wifi enabled devices for all of your business needs.  A hotspot allows you to quickly and easily connect via multiple compatible devices with a faster connection than most cell phone plans.  Although it is pricier than cellular costs, it is certainly more prudent for operating a business.

For campgrounds, providing wifi is almost a given in today’s world.  The process is similar to that provided for agricultural needs; a campground wifi hotspot package is designed to reach the perimeters of the park to provide your guests with complimentary (or paid, that is up to you) internet access from their campground.  This will allow campers to access the internet from a cell phone, tablet or other compatible device, making the stay both off-grid and connected.  Through the use of a commercial grade router, the security and reliability of your internet access will be enhanced.

So, do not fear. If you are looking to flee the city for a more simple life or are looking to begin an agricultural or camping business, internet access in remote areas is just a call to a wifi installation company away.

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