As the leading authority in point-to-point wireless bridge connections, GNS Wireless takes pride in its commitment to delivering unparalleled connectivity solutions.

Our expertise extends beyond mere connectivity – we meticulously tailor frequencies to your unique needs, ensuring a flawless connection, be it across line-of-sight spans or through challenging terrains like tree-dotted landscapes.

5 GHz Frequency:

GNS Wireless harnesses the power of the 5 GHz frequency for clear line-of-sight connections. This frequency band is optimal for high-speed data transmission and is widely used for short to medium-distance point-to-point wireless bridges. Businesses and residential users alike benefit from the stability and efficiency of 5 GHz connections, making it a cornerstone of our wireless bridge solutions.  GNS-5423-HD for long range, gigabit point to point.

60 GHz Frequency for Precise Line-of-Sight Communication:

For short to mid-range point-to-point connections requiring pinpoint accuracy, GNS Wireless leverages the 60 GHz frequency. This high-frequency band facilitates extremely high data transfer rates, making it an ideal choice for scenarios where minimal interference and maximum bandwidth are paramount. GNS Wireless excels in deploying 60 GHz solutions for applications such as campus connectivity and high-density urban environments.

900 MHz Frequency for Penetrating Through Obstacles:

When obstacles like trees threaten to obstruct your line of sight, GNS Wireless employs the reliable 900 MHz frequency PTP solution. This lower frequency provides better penetration through vegetation and other obstructions, making it the go-to choice for scenarios where a clear line of sight is challenging. Rural areas with dense foliage or uneven terrains benefit significantly from the resilience of the 900 MHz frequency in maintaining a stable connection.

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS):

GNS Wireless takes advantage of Dynamic Frequency Selection, allowing our point-to-point wireless bridge solutions to automatically switch to less congested channels within the 5 GHz band. This intelligent feature ensures that your connection remains robust and interference-free, even in dynamic RF environments.

Customized Frequency Planning:

Understanding that each deployment is unique, GNS Wireless offers customized frequency planning based on your specific requirements. Whether it’s optimizing for minimal interference, maximizing bandwidth, or overcoming challenging terrain, our team of experts tailors the frequency plan to ensure optimal performance.

Conclusion: GNS Wireless stands as the industry leader, not just in providing point-to-point wireless bridges, but in understanding the nuanced demands of different scenarios. With precision frequencies, innovative technology, and a commitment to excellence, GNS Wireless ensures that your connectivity remains seamless, no matter the challenges that lie in the path. Choose GNS Wireless – where connectivity meets precision.


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