Choosing the right wireless point-to-point (PtP) solution depends on various factors, including your specific requirements, budget, environmental conditions, and the distance you need to cover.

Point to Point Wireless Bridge

First off, a few questions to help narrow down the options:

1. What is your distance between 2 locations?

For short range (less than 500ft. or so, and with clear unobstructed line of sight, the most popular kit is the GNS-5560, which offers gigabit speed, and will not interfere with any other 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency.  Want something a little more commercial grade, then upgrade to the GNS-5660.  From there, we have the GNS-1153AC, which has maximum range of about 1/2 mile (LOS dependent), and for even further, we have the GNS-5423-HD (1 mile)

2. Do you have clear, unobstructed line of sight?

This is a very important question, because without line of sight, your options are limited.  900 MHz is the preferred frequency when a non-line of sight wireless bridge is required.  We have the GNS-1138HP as the last remaining package available.  Once these kits are gone, so is the 900 MHz band.   Distance is limited in this band to about 1/2 mile.  Beyond that, 900 MHz amplifiers are required, and it would be best to contact us directly to discuss.

3. What speed requirements, if any, do you have?

Most customers today want to see multi-gigabit capacity and faster.  Going with gigabit links requires line of sight, and distance less than 1 mile.  Beyond that, 5 GHz is required, which has better distance, but capacity is capped at about 1 Gbps.  Short range, high capacity, no problem.  Use the GNS-5660.  Long range, high capacity, then it depends on LOS.  The GNS-1155AC or GNS-5422 are great mid-range to long-range options with such good transmit power that even with a few trees in the way, you can see upwards of 500Mbps.

4. What devices, or applications are you sharing across the link?

Depending on how bandwidth intensive your link will be, will determine which solution we recommend.  Although VoIP is not very bandwidth intensive, you require low latency.  Sharing large CAD files on the other hand requires a very high capacity link.  Just let us know and we can recommend exactly what you need.

From there, we can narrow down which GNS package will work best for your application.

From there, we would also consider the following when choosing the correct wireless point-to-point solution:

  • Define Requirements:

    • Determine the distance between points.
    • Identify required data transfer rate (bandwidth).
    • Consider environmental conditions (LOS, obstacles).
  • Frequency Bands:

    • Choose appropriate frequency band (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 60 GHz, etc.).
    • Consider regulatory restrictions.
  • Line of Sight (LOS):

    • Ensure clear LOS between points.
    • Identify potential obstacles (buildings, trees).
  • Throughput Requirements:

    • Determine the needed throughput for applications.
    • Be aware of actual throughput vs. specified capacity.
  • Antenna Selection:

    • Choose antennas based on distance and frequency.
    • 60 GHz is interference free, but requires line of sight
    • 5 GHz has further range, but is more prone to congestion
    • Consider antenna gain for signal strength.
  • Security:

    • Evaluate encryption and secure management features.
    • Ensure compliance with data protection needs.
  • Commercial Grade vs Residential application:

    • Check if the solution requires criteria to be met.
    • Construction of units may vary based on application for cost savings.
  • Budget:

    • Set a budget for the PtP solution.
    • Balance cost with performance.
  • Consult with the Expert:

    • Call us direct (877) 209-5152, your wireless networking experts.
    • Send an email to 


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