Point to point Wireless

How do i share internet from one location to another, wirelessly?

We get quite a few requests for short range point to point solutions.  This typically involves a scenario where someone has internet in one location, say your home, and wants to share that internet to a remote location, like a barn, office, guest house or other remote building. 

For example, if you have a property where you have XFINITY  or Comcast Internet service with a modem and the wireless router and need to extend that service out to two metal barns.  What can you use?

Say the distance is about 400ft. and 500ft. away, with pretty good line of sight.  Even up to a 1000ft. away is ok.

On our wireless bridge page online, you will see a bunch of  equipment that looks like it could be an antenna mounted outside the metal barn and bring the Wi-Fi signal inside the barn and then set up kind of a sub network/wireless network inside the building using that connection to the wireless network at the home.  Which is the best kit to bridge the two locations and which equipment might be best recommended for that situation?

Although there are quite a few different solutions, the most cost effective wireless bridge is the GNS-1163AC.  This kit will work great to share internet. If you have 2 remote barns, you will need a separate link for each barn.

If you are sharing any camera feeds at that remote location, or NVR/DVR data, or if you just want to go with something faster, and more reliable, then upgrade to the GNS-5460, which will provide for a much faster throughput and lower latency.

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