Are you looking for an antenna link system for streaming cameras from an athletic field?

If it is a short distance between the school and the farthest antenna in the field, then we recommend 60 GHz for the best bandwidth, with zero interference. We have the GNS-5460-HD for the higher throughput which will support a camera stream up to 1000ft.

For further distance, up to 1/3 mile, we have the GNS-5260-LR.

These 60 GHz wireless bridge are sold as a complete link, and include everything you need to connect your network on one end, to the camera, or cameras on the other.  Please note, clear, unobstructed line of sight is required for 60 GHz to achieve full throughput.  Trees or foliage in the way will reduce or eliminate your wireless network connection.

Contact us for more information, or for custom application design.

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